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RE:  47 NGOs from Africa, Asia, and Africa ask you to recommend a ban on dental amalgam exports 
Support banning dental amalgam exports from the EU

Nordic countries experienced some initial resistance from the dental industry and this was largely because they were:
1. Unaware of the environmental impacts of mercury from amalgam, and the social benefits of reducing mercury emissions.
2. Reluctant to invest in new equipment required to reduce mercury pollution or to support mercury-free fillings.

  1. Environmental pollution is responsible for 35 % of human diseases in Sub Saharan Africa compared to 25% worldwide (NEP/WHO health and environment interactions).
  2. Africa has poor infrastructure for managing wastes generally and mercury wastes in particular.

Mercury Free Dentistry Seminar & Curriculum Update Workshop, July 24th 2019, Abuja, Nigeria

Activities completed in 2019

The following activities were completed in 2019 in partnership with the Nigerian Dental Association:

The African region has put her weight behind a proposal that seek an amendment to Annex A to the Minamata Convention on Mercury by moving dental amalgam from Part ll to Part l of Annex A.